Everything you ever wanted to know about death in Liverpool

- and everything you'd probably rather not know as well!!



If you're looking for a burial in Liverpool this guide to the burial grounds should help


Ancient Laws and Laudable Customs

Facts, figures, bye-laws, mortality figures, coroner's orders and post mortems


In Memoriam

First hand accounts of deaths, reports of funerals, monumental inscriptions and the changes in

 fashion which prompted the establishment of privately funded burial grounds and cemeteries.


The Parish, the Pauper and the Poor

The poor are always with 'us' - but what should we do with them when they die?


World in one Cemetery

Some of the earliest traces of Liverpool's cultural diversity can be found in our burial grounds


A Final Resting Place

The burial grounds and cemeteries in the town centre rapidly became overcrowded and the

resulting public health concerns led to the eventual closure and removal of many of them.


The Empty Tomb

Often referred to as the Gateway to the New World, Liverpool is a town of passage as much as one of  

settlement  and as such has many memorials to those who died elsewhere or who have no grave at all.




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