The Liverpool Roman Catholic Baptisms website is currently under construction.

At this time all 136,700 baptisms for the years 1883 to 1900 can be searched on-line.

  The information will be uploaded in yearly batches so check back for updates.
Click here for details of the registers which will be included.
Baptisms for Ince Blundell, Maghull, Lydiate and Huyton recently added.


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The database will provide an index to more than 500,000 baptisms from over forty Roman Catholic churches in central Liverpool and the surrounding area for the years 1837 to 1900. It will be is fully searchable both by the names of the person baptised and also the names of the parents. For anyone looking for Roman Catholic ancestors in the Liverpool area this will be a distinct improvement on the freebmd and lancashirebmd sites which provide only the name of the child whose birth is being registered. With so many children with the same name it can be extremely difficult to locate the 'correct' birth certificate. For example, in 1862 there were seven children called Thomas Kelly, five called Catherine Duffy, six called John Walsh and twelve called Mary Murphy registered in the Liverpool area. As most people search two years either side of the probable date of birth then these numbers would have to multiplied by five.

How to use the search form

About the results of your search

Only the year boxes are required fields so you can, if you wish, generate a list of all baptisms for any particular year or range of years. However, there are 7,000 to 8,000 baptisms per year and it will take some time for the page to load.

You can leave as few or as many of the other boxes empty as you wish, so several types of searches are possible

  1. Enter Forename and Surname if you simply wish to locate the baptism of a person when you are certain of their date of birth or they have an uncommon name
  2. If, however, this produces a list with several children who have the same (or very similar names) then you can eliminate some of the 'matches' by entering the Father's Forename - which you may have obtained from a marriage certificate.
  3. You can eliminate further matches by entering the Mother's Forename - you may have this information from a census return.
  4. If you think there is a possibility of illegitimacy in the family then you can leave the father's forename blank and just search by the mother's forename. This would also be useful if you locate a family on the census where the father is deceased so you only know the mother's forename.

Advice on searching

If you enter a name or a combination of names that cannot be found then you will simply be given a message telling you there are no matches. This will also be the case if, for example, you enter a year (number) in one of the 'name' boxes or if you enter a name (text) in the year box. 

The only symbols permitted is the ' in names such as O'Connor. Thomas P. should be entered as Thomas or Thomas P and a double barrelled name such as Smith-Jones should be entered as Smith Jones.

As yet it is not possible to search by soundex but you can use as many wildcard (%) symbols as you want in the search term, for example Ca%l%n should find all variations on the name Callaghan as well as several other unrelated names.

You can also search any box for names beginning with a partial phrase. ie searching in the surname box for the letters McC will find all names starting with these letters. The forename boxes are slightly different. You can use these to search for a partial phrase that occurs anywhere in the forename. ie searching for Ann will find all entries containing the phrase Ann such as Annie, Mary Ann, Ann Jane, Ann J or even Susannah.  

On the search results page you will be given the year of baptism (and the year of birth as this may be many years earlier in the case of converts) a reference number which you will need to quote if you wish to purchase further details from this site, the name of church in which the baptism took place along with the volume and page number for use in Liverpool Record Office, the forename and surname of the child, the father's forename (plus father's surname if this is different to the child's or if there is any ambiguity in the original entry about the correct surname), the mother's forename and maiden name. If any of the columns are left blank in the database this means this information has not been included in the original document.

If you locate a baptism in the database and you would like to obtain further details the cost will be 3 (GBP) per item or 10 (GBP) for four items.  

Until the process is completed you can have a search made in  any part of the baptism index that has not yet been uploaded  by emailing all enquiries to The cost will be 10 (GBP) for a five year search.

It is important to note that the details from Roman Catholic baptism registers are not identical to those on a civil birth certificate. A typical baptism entry will include the date of birth and of the baptism, the name of the father and mother (including the mother's maiden name) and the names of the godparent(s). Only a minority of entries give an address and still fewer give the occupation of the father. After 1908 it became necessary for anyone marrying in a Roman Catholic Church to provide details of their baptism. As a consequence some of the baptism entries have a supplementary note saying where the person was later married. Although most of the baptisms will be of babies up to 5% will be conversions.

A transcription of a standard Roman Catholic baptism entry can be seen here.

This is the amount of information most people will receive.