How to obtain further details

These indexes cover the years 1837-1901 and are provided free of charge. They provide you with the year of the marriage, the Roman Catholic church in which it took place and the names of the bride and groom. In all, the marriages from forty churches in the greater Liverpool area are included in the indexes. 

If you wish to obtain the complete details of any marriage via this site then please submit your request using the REQUEST FORM. The cost will be 3.00 (GBP) per marriage or 10.00 (GBP) for four marriages. You will be sent an email containing payment options (paypal or personal cheque). If you then decide to proceed with the request - and once the payment has been processed - you will receive the full marriage details within 24 hours (or 48 hours at weekends).

These 'details' are not identical to those on a civil marriage certificate. They rarely include details of ages or occupations. 99% of RC marriage registers will give the names and address of the bride and groom and the names of their fathers, as well as the names and addresses of the witnesses to the marriage. If you are unlucky enough to request a marriage that does not contain this basic information you will not be charged.

A transcription of a standard RC marriage entry can be seen here. This is the amount of information most people will receive.

However, up to 20% of the RC marriage marriages records include some additional information. Some of the entries also include the place of origin of the bride or groom instead of (or as well as) their current address and/or the names of both the father and the mother of the bride or groom. Sometimes even the maiden names of the mothers are given. The name of the former husband of a widow may also be included. There is no guarantee you will receive additional information as the records vary from church to church and even depending on which priest at the church officiated at the marriage.

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